Business Insurance

Commercial Insurance and Business Insurance 

Commercial Insurance is Property and Casualty insurance products for businesses and the self-employed individual.  Commercial insurance lines protect the assets of a business from losses caused by accidents, lawsuits, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events. Commercial lines include: Commercial Automobile, General/Business Liability, Business Owner Policy, Commercial/Business Property, Professional Liability, Worker’s Compensation. Each policy is tailored for the type of business being covered and the client’s need.  Premiums vary by business type, size, and location. Claims of negligence, punitive damages, employee compensation, and loss of business property and goods are all examples of types of protections afforded by commercial lines insurance products.  Any business or self-employed individual may need one or more commercial lines policy.  The best form of protection against financial ruin is to be insured.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Estrella Insurance have the ability to give you a lot of options to cover your Commercial Auto at a great competitive rate without losing the coverage you need. We have professional Agents that can answer any questions you have and help you find the right Commercial Auto Coverage base on your needs and requirements.

Great Rates and Savings

Since we have a lot of different Insurance Companies we can give you a great rate that can result in savings to your bottom line which as a business owner we know is very important to you. Our job is to help you find the right coverage at an affordable rate without the hassle. 

Estrella Insurance Offers Different Auto Commercial Programs that fit your Needs

We protect almost any Business driver or vehicle, we can insured Business Auto, Contractors, For-Hire Transportation, For-Hire Specialty, tow and even Pizza and Restaurant Delivery. We also offer other Business Insurance such as General Liability, Business Owners Policies and Workers Compensation Insurance all under one roof. Our Agents are available to assist you at 888-511-7722 or chat with one of them from the comfort of your Business.